We are a rental property (apartments) search and relocation support company located in Rotterdam, South Holland, the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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We support finding apartments/ rental properties in the Netherlands

We will contact local real estate agencies to inquire about the availability of rental properties for viewing.

   €400 (VAT 21% not included) / up to 20 properties

Additional fee will be charged after 21 properties.

Rental Property Viewing Service

Apartments Viewing Service

It is often difficult to get a perfect image of the size and depth of a property from the photos on property listing websites.

We provide viewing services on behalf of our clients.

   €300 (VAT 21%, transportation fee not included) per property

If the client is responsible for contacting/coordinating with the real estate agency and we are only to conduct the viewing on their behalf, we will accept the viewing for €140 (VAT21%, transportation not included) per case. (In this case, we will not refund the fee even if the viewing cannot be conducted due to reasons beyond our control, such as the real estate agency not showing up on site.)

*If transportation costs are required, we will provide you with an estimate of the total cost in advance.

Assistance in concluding lease agreements

    €1,200 (VAT 21% not included)

Thank you in advance!

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